“I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the Kiskadee Days stories. You have a real talent for storytelling and many of these stories are nostalgic visits to my own childhood, with many references made to events, food, family, friends, culture and behavior that deeply resonate with me. I am happy that Guyanese village life can be shared with the world!”


“In these village tales you have recaptured the places and people of my childhood, and though years and tides have borne me far, this is the world that lives still in my heart.”


“The Kiskadee Days stories take us back to our youth and give us a humorous snapshot of life in the coastal areas of Guyana.”


“The story telling is so well detailed that you can close your eyes and imagine yourself inside the story and follow along on the journey. I recommend this, just as good as V S Naipaul’s story, maybe better?”


“Beautiful stories, leave you wanting more.”


“Kiskadee Days is a cultural treasure, lovingly and thoughtfully created.”


“When my beautiful friend Barbara invited me to join this Group I was intrigued, said to myself interesting name but as I browse through the pages I feel like I’ve found a goldmine.”


“Very original writing. The style is authentic Guyanese Creolese reminiscent of the 1950’s & 60’s. Very refreshing for those of us born in that period.”


“Kiskadee Days has brought back so many wonderful memories of life in British Guiana now Guyana. While I was brought up in Georgetown I was exposed to the tenement yard that had a communal stand pipe which was next door to where I lived. Have beautiful memories of this yard and its inhabitants. This was a sort of village life in the heart of the city. Nostalgia.”


“Kiskadee Days gives a colorful and delicious insight into Guyanese culture of a bygone era. The stories are entertaining and well written. Once you become a regular reader, you look forward to hearing the latest updates in the lives of your favorite villagers. Gaitri’s writings evoke great nostalgia of a country and culture that I miss.”