Welcome to Kiskadee Village

Is it about ceramic sculptures of women of a bygone era in rural Guyana? Or is it about the stories they tell? The lines have become blurred and it is now impossible to unravel the two. Gaitri Pagrach-Chandra is a ceramics artist who was born and raised in Guyana. She has been residing in The Netherlands for the last 35-odd years.

How Kiskadee Days started

One cold and dreary autumn day in Holland, the faint call of the kiskadee in my head started…

Awards & recognition

Guyana Cultural Association of New York

Guyana Cultural Association of New York

July 2018, Kiskadee Days was awarded the Godfrey Chin Prize for Heritage Journalism; “(….) Kiskadee Days embodies all of Godfrey’s attributes and advances all the core values GCA considers when determining awards – origininality, scope, impact/influence, contribution to harmony, innovation and creativity.”