“Can’t wait to get my copy and to enjoy the real thing on paper rather than screen. These weekly stories have been a joy to read. One day I hope to read to my grandchildren.”


“You have managed to capture your childhood memories of life in Guyana in the most magical way, through your ladies, your Creolese writing and your artistic talent to create Kiskadee Village, its people and village life as it was in ‘our’ day.”


“Gaitri, you have preserved a now almost extinct way of Guyanese village life in your Kiskadee tales. You are a born story-teller. Loved following the colourful characters and their traditional customs written in such an entertaining and informative way.”


“Happy to learn that the book will be ready soon. I would love for my children to read it and confirm many of the stories I told them of life in British Guiana. Gaitri you have done a wonderful job of recreating life as it was on the Sugar Estates. Reading your stories brought back so many wonderful memories of my childhood. Names, situations were authentic. It will help my children understand more about life in the land of their parents’ birth: simple and enjoyable. Thank you for the gift of memories.”


“I had a great childhood in Guyana and your stories bring back such loved familiar memories. They also teach us a culture that we did not know so well, or only knew superficially. My Indian heritage is precious to me and I love the stories for that too. They feel so real and authentic. I love the language used. Redolent of home. And the food stories! I can’t wait for the book!”


“So great to see how your unique stories have developed and now are materialising into hard copy. So great to have these beloved memories poured into a beautiful book. We did NOT imagine that we had the best time and childhood in Guyana. It was REAL, and we all share the same sentiments. Makes me happy, so thank you for this beautiful gift of memories.”


“A wonderful fount of Guyanese creativity, of stories and images from the heart and merry ole soul of Guyana.”


“Village life, cultures blending and living together – you have managed to put the spotlight on the simple people who lived complex lives. These are the people and the stories I grew up with, and I love seeing them come to life on the page. So very proud of you. And so very grateful for your creativity. Kiskadee Village rocks.”

Bas (the non-Guyanese book designer)

“The book is like an autobiography of the Guyanese culture and gave me a good insight in the culture, with the personal stories that touch you and make you laugh or cry. I like the fact that Guyana is not one culture, but many cultures, who have grown to one big colorful family!”


“Gaitri’s descriptions are so realistic and vivid that her characters immediately come to life. Her village life anecdotes are spot on and I can relate to those people from my childhood (even some that I had forgotten about). She brings back so many good memories. A book like this needed to be written. Kudos !”