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Kiskadee Days Village People – Special Edition

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Buy a piece of Guyanese heritage!

They say that you can’t buy happiness or live your life twice. Well, Kiskadee Days Village People comes very close to disproving both of those sayings!

Do you remember the days when life was uncomplicated? When things moved at a slower pace and friends and neighbours had time to stop and talk? And people were happy with little things? Do you remember when we were young and carefree in that beautiful land of many waters? The ladies of Kiskadee Village and the badderashun lil bais will take you back to the past we all shared, the vanished era of our precious childhood days.

Set in a small fictional village near a sugar estate, this 224-page hardcover book is printed on thick, high-quality paper, stitched and bound with care and finished off with a ribbon bookmark so that you never lose your place. Each book in this exclusive luxury edition will be numbered and signed by the author.

The Foreword to Kiskadee Days Village People was kindly written by our national treasure, the veteran journalist, dramatist, television producer and more: Francis Quamina Farrier. You may remember him as the creator of The Tides of Susanburg, the radio serial that held Guyana spellbound every evening.

Relive your childhood and share the memories with your children and grandchildren! And while you’re at it, buy them their own copies to enjoy. It’s one of the most lasting gifts you could possibly give your loved ones. There is no age limit. This book is for everybody. Christmas is coming! Birthdays too!

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What can you expect?

Stories to savour

21 stories, including the award-winning ‘Anjanie’s Wedding’. The stories vary in length and focus on the innumerable aspects of our shared Guyanese culture and history. Some are light-hearted; others are complex. They will make you smile, laugh out loud, think, and wipe away a tear or two. Your heart will go out to the ladies of Kiskadee Village who come in all shapes, sizes and temperaments, and the badderashun lil bais will delight you with their escapades as they raid fruit trees, catch crabs, steal cane, test for Ole Higue and more.

Recipes to devour

16 recipes for food that the people of Kiskadee Village cook, including plait bread, roti, salara and saltfish chokha. You will smell the food and your mouth will water as you read through the recipes. As you may know, I am also the author of 5 food books. I have written clear, easy-to-follow recipes with both metric and Imperial weights and measures. In addition, the ladies are giving you some of their own personal tips to help you along.

Illustrations to delight you

The book is illustrated with photographs of my ceramic figurines – my ladies – and a few glimpses into my childhood photo album, as well as beautiful hand-drawn colour pictures that bring Kiskadee Village and its people to life.

Glossary to enlighten you

Guyanese, but you didn’t grow up in the countryside? Non-Guyanese, but you love the culture? No problem! The book is written in standard English, with some Creolese dialogue where appropriate. There is an extensive glossary that will explain the Creolese and Hindi words used in the stories, as well as an explanation of how Creolese is used.


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